Chain of Command

Wing Commander

C/ Col Claudia Haynes


Vice Wing Commander

C/ Col Dennis Blashcke


Operations Group Commander

C/ Lt Col Elizabeth Daniel


Mission Support Group Commander

C/ Lt Col Clayton Register


Stan- Eval Commanders

C/ Lt Col Annabella Leone

Stan- Eval Assistant Commanders

C/ Lt. Col Rasy Groesbeck

C/ Lt Col Zackary Summers

(No Picture Available)


Command Chief

C/ CMSgt Robert Arnold


(No Picture Available)

Flight Squadron Commanders

C/ Maj Conner Martin (1st Block)

C/ Maj Middleton (2nd Block)

C/ Maj Beau Brierre (3rd Block)

C/ Maj Evan Gilger (4th Block)


Team Squadron Commanders

C/ Maj Druk (Left)

C/ Capt Kaiser-Parlette (Right)


Cadet Support Squadron Commander

C/ Maj Brierre (Left)

C/ Capt Fedor(Right)


Logistics Readiness Squadron Commanders

C/ Col Way

C/ Maj Roper


Public Affairs Squadron 

C/ Maj Gilger (Left)

C/ Capt Nastro (Right)

(No Picture Available)


Planning Squadron

C/ Maj Hayman (Right)

C/ Lt Col Styk (Left)



One thought on “Chain of Command

  1. Karyn

    I wanted to ask three questions:
    1. Did cadets sign in at the Sandpiper Volunteer day event?
    2. Does Oyster bagging for the US fish and wildlife service count as it did last year as volunteer hours?
    3. Does instruction of a set curriculum/grades for first grade count at our church, as it did last year?
    Thank you for your assistance.
    Sincerely, Karyn Bloomingburg ( cadet John Connor Bloomingburg’s Mother)
    p.s. when are the volunteer forms due?

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