Uniform Fittings and Prep School

Prospective cadets may schedule a uniform fitting by calling 843-881-8263 or 8264.  They may also e-mail a request to John_farese@charleston.k12.sc.us.  Fittings are Monday through Thursday from 0830 AM to 4;30 PM.  Please bring dress socks (thin socks to ensure shoes fit) and a $30 Activity fee (cash or check).

Preparatory School will start on 6 Aug and run through 10 Aug, from 745 Am to 12 00 PM. If uniforms ahev not been measured prior to Aug 6, then appointments may be made for the afteroon of that week. Comfortable shoes , shorts, T-shirt, note book, writing utensil and water bottle are required.  Since the cadets will be learning drill, please no sandals or flip flops.


Drill and Ceremonies Manual/Uniform Reg for Flt CC training

AFMAN 36-2203, Drill and Ceremonies can be found under “Files” and “Drill and Ceremony”.  If you are participating in Flt CC training or Prep School as an instructor, please download the file and review


The Operational supplement concerning AFJROTC uniform wear can be found at  “Files”, ” Cadet Handbook”, “Operational Supplement Ch 7 Uniform and Awards”