Military Ball Feb 25 2017

The 2017 Military Ball will be held at The Red Bank Club, 2316 Red Bank Rd, Goose Creek, SC 29445 Bldg 942.

Start Time is 7:00 PM so cadets should show at 6:30 to be able to sign in.

Endi Time is 11:00 PM, please be available at that time to pick up your cadets

Attire:  Men: Uniform (if upperclasmen, service coats), Women: Evening Dress, Business Dress,.  If planning on wearing civilian Shirt and tie, please see an instructor.  Women are also allowed to wear the uniform if desired


Bataan Death March 11 Feb 2017

The memorial Bataan Death March will be held on 11 Feb starting at 0900.  Cadets who have signed up please met at the school NLT 0830. Make sure you bring a water carrying device (camel back, water bottle etc) and some food ( protein bars, fruit etc).  We will leave from Wando and proceed by foot to Laurel Hill County park for one lap inside the park .  We will then proceed down Park West Blvd to Hwy 41 and then turn around and retrace our steps back to Wando HS.  Parents/ family/friends are also invited to join us.  The total distance is 14 miles. No musical devices will be allowed to be used during the march, or any electronics except in an emergency, or need-to-contact basis. Maj Farese will be able to be contacted on his cell phone 3188405856

Ashley Ridge Drill Competition

All the hard work and time paid off….

Ashley Ridge Drill Competition Awards 


1st Place Academics

1st Place Endurance Run

1st Place Tire-Flip

2nd Place Regulation Armed Individual

2nd Place Freshman Color Guard

2nd Place PT Test

3rd Place Vehicle Pull

3rd Place Marksmanship

3rd Place Color Guard

3rd Place E/xhibition Armed Duet

3rd Place Exhibition Armed Individual

Good job guys we all worked hard and it just paid off. We continue to prove that Wando AFJROTC Unit SC-872 will continue its  great legacy of being the best around. Keep up the hard work, keep motivating each other, keep practicing, and keep being awesome! HOORAH!

Combat Dine-In October 28TH

Combat Dine-In Friday October 28TH:

WHEN to be there: For Cadets ONLY 4:50 SHARP For the Ceremony only 7:00 SHARP.

Attire(what to wear): CAMO ANYTHING!!!! which includes but not limited to: ABU’s (Not ROTC’s ABU’S), ACU’s, BDU’s, DCU’s, Multicam, MARPAT, NWU’s, Camo Face Paint, Bandanas, Boots, Socks, Etc…


OPTIONAL: Water Gun (Must not be longer than your arm!!)

When It Ends: 7:30-7:45



Wando AFJROTC Combat Dining In

On 28 Oct we will be hosting a Combat dining in and promotion ceremony in the cafeteria.  The Cobat dining in will start promptly at 5 PM and is open to cadets and ROTC faculty only.  The cost per cadets is $5.  At 7 PM the promotion portion of the evening will start. Parents will be allowed in the cafeteria a few minutes  before start time. This will also be in the cafeteria.  Please ensure your cadet pays for the fee by C.O.B 19 Oct.

Hanahan Drill Competition Awards

Hanahan Drill Competition Awards:


Squad Basic With Arms: 3RD Place

Platoon Basic Without Arms: 3RD Place

Squad Basic Without Arms: 1ST Place

Duet Exhibition With Arms: 2ND Place

Individual Basic With Arms: 2ND Place


Color Guard: 2ND Place

Good Job Wando!!!!!