Mount Pleasant X mas Parade 9 Dec 2108 UPDATE

The Mount Pleasant X mas parade is on! Radar summary shows the weather will be past us by around 2 o’clock. Show time is 1530 at Wando HS. Uniform is open collar blues with Zip up windbreaker. You may wear a long sleeved shirt under your blue shirt and long underwear under your blue pants. You may wear dark colored gloves. If you live near the meeting area which is the farmers market near Moultrie middle school, you may meet us there. Please send a message here so we know or text Maj Farese at 318 840 5856. Start of parade is 1730 and we should be back at Wando by 1930

Events for the week of 3-9 Dec

Next week will be crazy busy! Warrior Challenge (the largest JROTC competition in SC) is next Saturday 8 Dec. Many of our kids have signed up to help. We need about 100 or so to pull this off. Please ask your cadet if they have signed up. It will be an early start, somewhere around 4:30 AM.
Also we are marching in the Mount Pleasant X mas parade, as we do every year next Sunday 9 Dec. We have two buses planned to take cadets there. The show time will be 3:30 PM for a 4 PM departure. We should be done and back to Wando by 1930.

Attention Juniors interested in Summer Seminar

Attention  parents of current Juniors. Military Academy Summer Seminar applications are opening now. USAFA opens today and will close on 19 Jan. If interested in applying, please have your cadet come see Major Farese next week. SS has a competitive application process and is targeted to give those kids who are interested in USAFA an idea of what to expect from the Academy experience. It is 1 week in the summer. All Academies have SS. Cadet Carrie Nelson attended the one for USNA last year so she can also give prospective cadets an idea what the program is about!

Summer Seminar

Sat 3 Nov and Sun 4 Nov Community Service Events

The following are the community service events for Saturday and Sunday 3 and 4 Nov 2018

3 NOV 2018 : FAM JAM for Low country Children’s Museum:

Show at the Children’s Museum at 093025 Ann St, Charleston, SC 29403

Uniform: Community Service shirt


Matthew Clark, Devine Cooper-Dingle, Ben Thomas, Caesar Enquist, Caleb Mart, Smantha Marvel, Cason Ward, Jana Montgomery , Annabelle Burkhold, Justin Guevara-Silva, james Vincent, Lewis Fister, Logan Galman, Ethan Prevuznak, Asia Brown, Ky’Arah Foreman, Haven Manigault, Joseph Summers, Theo Schmitt, Luke Bowlin, Catalina Mahan

3 NOV 2018 Festival by the Sea
Show at 11:00 : Ten mile community center, 3926 Seafood road
Uniform: Community Service shirt
CADET LIST: Michael Chander, Timothy Sullivan, Dylan Lackey, Jersey Ikeda, Angela Paiz Parada



3 Nov 2018:  Silent Auction evening help

Show at The Hamlin Plantation Club House: 5:00 PM (100 Amenity Park Dr, Mt Pleasant, SC 29466)

Unifiorm: Open Collar

4 Nov Veterans day Parade

Show at Wando HS at 11:00 AM

Uniform: Open collar and wind breaker

Cadet List: Deana Douglass, Jen Anckner, Matthew Rothkopf, Chyenne Bierer, Samantha Marvel, Briana Grant, Theo Schmitt, Seth Hallam, Carrie Nelson, Caesar Enquist, Anthony Molyvade, Kimani Fraiser, Tierra Eddie, Malaysia Robinson Williams, Jocelyn Erickson, Mason Gallow, Christopher Lapaz, Joshua Roper, Taylor Hayman, Parker Byrne, Annabelle Burkhold, Catherine Anderson

4 Nov IOP Exchange Club Marina Festival

Show at Morgan Creek Grill at 1100 AM: (80 41st Ave, Isle of Palms, SC 29451)

Uniform:  Community service shirt

Cadet List:

Nathan Wilson, Angela Paiz Parada, Dennis Powell,Elizabeth Adamson, Harper smith, Rob Lewis, Jaiah Tankensley, Indya Rouse Washington, Elena Kolodji, Alexis Manocchio, Jamyra Miller, Matthew Clark, Caroline Anderson, Reiley Lake

IOP Connector run Community Service 6 Oct 2018

IOP Conector run: show time 0630 at volunteer tent. Wear your Community Service shirt! attached file is the Map of the volunteer area. Remember Connector closes at 0700. If you cannot download the map, go to and you can download the map from the site. Directions once you cross teh connector, turn right at the light and then turn left at JC Long Blvd. The volunteer tent will be near the Fire Station

Donations in Honor of Cadet Claudia Haynes

A link to the Booster Club donation page is available on the right side of this web site for those who would like to make a donation in honor of Cadet Claudia Haynes. Here is the link also : .   The Booster Club will use all funds donated in Cadet Haynes memory to fund a yearly scholarship in her name, for a deserving Senior cadet to use for advanced education.  Details on amount and selection process will be coming soon.


Singapore Trip 10-21 Nov

Reminder #2 for the Singapore trip from 10 to 21 Nov. We will take 2 cadets. Only Seniors and Juniors may apply and you must have completed Cadet Leadership Course at the Citadel either as a Basic or Cadre. You must be able to pass the Cadre PT test. You may apply at this link…/1FAIpQLSdQF5LLlabUzab5y…/viewform…. We have two applicants already so don’t be late. We will accept applications until 27 Aug. You must also turn in a resume to Major Farese by that date.

Drill and Ceremonies Manual/Uniform Reg for Flt CC training

AFMAN 36-2203, Drill and Ceremonies can be found under “Files” and “Drill and Ceremony”.  If you are participating in Flt CC training or Prep School as an instructor, please download the file and review


The Operational supplement concerning AFJROTC uniform wear can be found at  “Files”, ” Cadet Handbook”, “Operational Supplement Ch 7 Uniform and Awards”