Fridy 14 April and sturdy 15 April Community Service Event

Here are the =dates, loctions and times for the Comunity Service event. We MUST show up!  If for some reason you cannot make it, you must contcact Major Farese at 318 840 5856. This is an extremely important event

Here is the list of volunteers for Friday 14 and Saturday 15 April

Friday 14 April

Location: KOA on Hwy 17

Time: 3 PM – 6:30 PM

Claudia Haynes
Reed Way
Steven Kaiser
Tyler Pedro
Ethan Cocco
Matt Swalhah
Austin Tartaglia

Saturday 15 April

Location: Cario Middle School

Time: 4:30 AM – 8 AM
Matthew Swalhah
Evan Gilger

Location: Laurel Hill Elementary

Time:5-7 AM

Oleh Druk
Claudia Haynes
Daniel Higman
Keith Schemm
Major Farese

Time: 6:30 AM- 10 AM

Adam Meyers
Tyler Pedro
Carrie Ohman
Andreas Dilling
Austin Tartaglia
Connor Bostwick
Peter Nastro
Matthew Davis
Gavin Dees
Taylor Hayman
Hannah Floyd
Spencer Lott
Thomas Schemm
Major Farese

Mrk Pedro

Time: 7:30AM- 11AM

Joshua Roper
Robert Arnold
Claudia Haynes
Oleh Druk
Daniel Higman
Keith Schemm
Major Farese
Trey Keen
MJ Malino
Martha Jones

Thomas Schemm

Location: KOA

Time: 5-9 AM

Cole Martin
Libby Daniel

Time: 5-7 AM

Ethan Cocco
Reed Way
Lynn Way
Darla Walls


Corps Field trip forms and Chaperone contact info

The Corps Field trip forms will be going home with the cadets on Monday 20 March. Please have them take the permission slip to their teachers.  Also parents please read the the letter that is in the package. It has all information regarding the trip.

If your cadet does not bring home the paperwork, you may download from Drop Box at this link.  This link will also provide the chaperone phone contact info.  Each cadet will also be provided a copy of the list for the trip




Military Appreciation Night at Volvo OPen Tennis Tournament

The Volvo Tennis Tournament is having a military appreciation night and has iinvited Wando HS to participate.  They will give free tickets to the evening’s matches for all Wando cadets and family members.  Please let us know by Monday 20 March if you and your family would like to attend so we can tell them the number of tickets. Have your cadet inform the instructors how many ticktes your family would like. Show time at the Volvo car open stadium on Daniel Island will be at 6 PM.  Let’s have a great showing!!

Parent Information Form (please complete)

Below is a link to a Parent information form.  Please complete by the end of the first week of school (19 Aug 2016). This will allow us to have accurate information.

Paste the following URL into your browser, or click on it if available on your browser.  it will take you to the correct Google form. Any questions, contact Major Farese at



Drill and Ceremonies Manual/Uniform Reg for Flt CC training

AFMAN 36-2203, Drill and Ceremonies can be found under “Files” and “Drill and Ceremony”.  If you are participating in Flt CC training or Prep School as an instructor, please download the file and review


The Operational supplement concerning AFJROTC uniform wear can be found at  “Files”, ” Cadet Handbook”, “Operational Supplement Ch 7 Uniform and Awards”