CLC 1 and 2 Information

CLC will be held at the Citadel this year in 2 sessions: 4-10 June and 11 to  17 June.

1st time cadets attending:  Report on 5 or 12 June (depending on your session) at 8 AM in front of Padget Thomas Barracks (Map is attached to this post).  You will walk in the main entrance and find the sign for Wando HS located on the railing of the second floor. Place your belongings under the sign and wait for all your classmates to arrive. You will then be escorted to the staging area outside of the barracks.  Parents are not allowed to loiter or wait in the baracks or in the area around the entrance. Wear your WANDO PT SHIRT, khaki shorts, athletic shoes, white socks. Wear your camel back and ensure it is full of water before you arrive.

Cadre Cadets Arriving: Report on either 4 or 11 June NLT 1200 (noon) in front of Padget Thomas barracks. Wear your Wando PT shirt, Khaki shorts , tennis shoes and white socks. You will be given your room assignments. Make sure your camel back is full prior to arrival.

Getting in contact with your cadet: cadets will not have access to any form of communication while in traininig. They will have a 2 minute phone call on Thursday evening after dinner to remind you about the graduation ceremony. If you need to get in contact with them, call Major Farese or MSgt Bishop for CLC 1 or Maj Farese, MSgt grdner or MSgt McAdams CLC 2. Cadets will be given a contact phone list prior to the end of school.


Graduation ceremony and parade:  The graduation ceremony will be held on saturdu 10 ot 17 June starting at 0930.  Recommend arriving at least 30 min prior. It is usualy hot at that time and the stands face the sun.  Once the ceremony is over, cadets will march back to the barracks.  They will be closed at that time so cadets can clear their rooms. Once their rooms are cleared, we will open the gates for you to come and pick up your cadet.



Drill and Ceremonies Manual/Uniform Reg for Flt CC training

AFMAN 36-2203, Drill and Ceremonies can be found under “Files” and “Drill and Ceremony”.  If you are participating in Flt CC training or Prep School as an instructor, please download the file and review


The Operational supplement concerning AFJROTC uniform wear can be found at  “Files”, ” Cadet Handbook”, “Operational Supplement Ch 7 Uniform and Awards”